Overview Our Heritage and Commitment to Regeneration
Who We Are

Forest Hills Lab is an innovative regenerative therapy company
composed of three distinct divisions specializing in Aesthetics,
Therapeutics focused on neurodegenerative diseases,
and AI robotics.

Our global network spans offices in Hong Kong, where we are headquartered, Singapore, Korea, and the United States.

Three Divisions; One Shared Goal of Regeneration
FHL Aesthetics

FHL Aesthetics develops and markets a robust product line-up across multiple key aesthetic categories.

Consistent with the clinical rigor of our Therapeutics division, FHL Aesthetics' product offering is rooted in our medical-grade injectable Hyaluronic Acid filler solutions. Our HA filler medical device journey was among the earliest in Korea allowing us to build a base of expertise on clinical research, development and global distribution.

FHL's growing innovative medical- and cosmetic-grade aesthetics portfolio builds on that scientific and clinical base and delivers new treatment paradigms to global markets.

With a complementary portfolio developed and manufactured in-house at our Korean R&D and manufacturing facilities as well as through high-value partnerships, we directly address patient and clinician demand for higher efficacy, less treatment-related downtime, and more flexible treatment customization.

FHL Therapeutics

FHL Therapeutics is focused on developing and commercializing safe, disease-modifying therapies for devastating neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases. One pipeline candidate is approved by the US FDA to begin Phase 2 trial while another has completed Phase 1 safety trial and is preparing Phase 2 design and launch. Clinical development is advanced on an open development platform that emphasizes external partnerships and co-development opportunities.

Awakening Health Lab

Awakening Health Lab is FHL’s AI robotics initiative. AHL’s three divisions employ AI and humanoid robot technology in support of excellence in all areas
of clinic experience, management, and medical research. We are dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals, administrators, and consumers to
drive change and improve outcomes.

Our immediate areas of focus are on driving EMBRACE, our AI clinic application transforming the healthcare service experience, and advancing Grace,
the world’s foremost Robotic Assistant program.

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