Skin Booster Skin boosters smooth and hydrate, strengthen
skin elasticity, and restore a radiant glow.
Skin Booster

Echoing “floria”, Latin for “blossoming",
Fulloria is a skin booster for a true and
full blossoming

Realizing vitality today; stimulating generation for tomorrow


A dual molecular weight innovation that restores fullness and radiance to the skin and improve the appearance of wrinkles today while stimulating the body's synthesis of HA for the future. Fulloria marries the benefits of L-HA and H-HA in a single product in an industry-leading combined 88mg of HA that results in action at multiple levels.


L-HA compounds evidence greater biosupplementation effects including the stimulation of endogenous HA synthesis and decreasing inflammation; H-HA compounds have greater viscosupplementation such as restoring skin tone, fullness, and elasticity.

Fulloria Poduct List
  • Fulloria
    • Product description: Bioabsorbable material
    • Main components: H/L Hyaluronic acid 88mg
    • Purpose: Improvement of thin-to-medium wrinkles and facial cheek skin-sagging
    • Expiration: 24 months from manufacturing date