Skin Booster Skin boosters smooth and hydrate, strengthen
skin elasticity, and restore a radiant glow.
Skin Booster

By generating, revitalizing,
and whitening skin,
Attranaie reveals the skin's true potential.

Recover the skin's power and potential

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid moisturizes and tones, while polynucleotides stimulate tissue generation and niacinamide whitens skin.


Attranaie offers a multitude of effects to provide elasticity and whitening to skin while biogenerating new skin cells for anti-aging. Skin is brighter and glows with improved texture and tone.

Attranaie Product List
  • Attranaie
    • Product description: Bioabsorbable material
    • Main components: Hyaluronic acid 24mg/mL; Polynucleotide 3mg/mL; Niacinamide 1mg/mL
    • Purpose: Improvement of crow's feet
    • Expiration: 24 months from manufacturing date